Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog of the Week: Context and Variation

This week's Blog of the Week is Context and Variation, part of the Scientific American blog network. The blog author, Kate Clancy, is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois, where she studies evolutionary medicine of women's reproductive physiology, otherwise known as ladybusiness. Clancy writes about how human behavior evolved and is evolving and is also a vocal but thoughtful advocate for women in the sciences. That makes her sound stuffy and high-falutin', so I'll also add that she's a baddass roller derby player who recently sustained a second black eye during play. She rolls under the nom d'derby of Anthrobrawlogist. If you don't love that--and how could you not?--you'll love that she's a mother of a young child, struggling like many mothers do to figure out how to balance work, life, parenting, and play, some of which all happen at the same time.

Highlights from her blog

Honestly, every post has something on offer for the ladybusiness crowd. Go forth and read.

You can follow Kate Clancy on Twitter: @kateclancy

The fantastic image at the top is from the Context and Variation banner and is the work of Jacqueline Dillard.

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