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I Am Mental Illness submissions
For this essay series, we welcome submissions of personal essays about your experience having a mental illness. The mission of this series is to personalize mental illness, take ownership of what it means to be someone with a mental illness, and to de-stigmatize and enhance understanding of mental illness. Essays should be factual but certainly also personal and candid. We expect to frame each essay with some basic information about the mental illness(es) it describes. Submissions should be sent to by December 30, 2012 (deadline extended one week to January 6 in honor of our site revamp). At that time, we will make editorial decisions about selections for the series and notify writers about our choices. We are not offering payment at this time for submissions for this series. Essays that have been posted/published previously are welcome as long as author/submitter has copyright or permission.

General submissions and pitches
Before submitting, please read around our site and understand that our goal is to publish evidence-based science of particular interest to a female-identified audience. We especially are interested in story ideas that involve new angles on widely accepted ideas or health practices or that take a close look at science-related findings that specifically affect women. Story ideas related to all areas of science, medicine, and health are welcome.

Send all pitches/submissions to Either is fine, but for pitches, please be clear about how the angle and the content would be especially suited to our audience. All submissions will go through editing and fact-checking before acceptance or publication. We do not pay a kill fee, so when we start working with you, we expect a mutual commitment to achieving an appropriate final product.

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Starting in January 2013, we will be able to pay writers a competitive flat rate for original articles within pre-determined word counts. For cross-posts, we pay a small, flat fee. All payments are made possible thanks to an IDEA grant from the National Association of Science Writers.

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  • Word count: 500 to 2000 words, flexible, depending on content.
  • All work must be your own, and you must own the copyright to the work. Double X Science requests exclusive use of original work for five days before it is reposted or reprinted elsewhere.
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Publishing elsewhere
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  1. Er... If you want entries also from parents (and being a mother is an important role for many women in science), could you please extend the deadline some two weeks at least? The busiest time of family obligations is just starting for many of us, and e.g. I had JUST hoped to be able to quit writing, editing etc. for a couple of weeks (as soon as I get this abstract out of my hands today...)

  2. That deadline is for the I Am Mental Illness only. We take other submissions at any time.

  3. Emily, I was asking exactly about the I Am Mental Illness deadline.

    Parents who are academics are not "immune" to mental illness (it sometimes seems to me that we are *more* susceptible, but that can be both observation and confirmation bias on my part). Also, there are a great number of things that the scientific/scholarly community can do to make things better (or worse) for us, both locally, regionally and internationally.

    I think it would be constructive for Double X Science and affirming for us if our voices had a realistic change of getting heard in the series.

    1. Hi Ronja:

      Thanks for these inquiries. As Emily alluded to, the December 30th deadline is for the I Am Mental Illness series only. You are free to submit other posts at any time.

      While there are certainly many pressures associated with being an academic, and many academics do suffer from mental illness in one form or another, the goal of this series is to have a broad conversation about mental illness in our society - that means academics and non-academics alike. We are working to compile a variety of posts that will discuss metal illness from all different angles (whether you have suffered from mental illness or are a primary caretaker of someone with a mental illness or have experienced it in the context of family), and do our part to reduce the stigma associated with such conditions.

      Because we are targeting a very broad audience (i.e. everyone and anyone), our submission deadline is firm. We understand that this can be a busy time of year, but we do hope that you will consider writing, if you can find the time.